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Does the thought of visiting a dental office bring on feelings of anxiety or fear? We at Smile Esthetics recognize a previous traumatic experience at a dental office can leave patients with a lifelong anxiety associated with visiting the dentist. Rest assured that our entire mission and treatment philosophy are centered around the patient experience and comfort. Our professional team offers a variety of sedation services for our patients to receive the care they need under complete comfort and security.

We recognize that often the people who have a dental phobia are often the people who most need to receive care because of long term avoidance of attending the dental office. We have helped countless patients in this situation through the use of sedation who are now smiling confidently and functioning to their full potential. If you or any of your family members have postponed dental care due to the fear of dental treatment, speak to our compassionate team today to prevent dental problems from progessing further.

Sedation Dentistry – Do I Need Sedation?

First, our dental team will listen to all patient concerns and make a recommendation if they believe a form of sedation might help improve the patient experience.

Often an anxious patient can be put at ease with reassurance from our understanding team and caring dentists along with a comfortable, warm blanket for the duration of their appointment. For those times that anxiety cannot be eased with these methods we have a number of sedation options to find the best fit for you. Different patients express different levels of fears towards different dental procedures. The choice of a sedation method depends on the level of fear and past dental experiences. Patients must let the dentist know about their medical history before determining the safety of sedation. Together the patient and the dental team can work towards finding a solution to enhance the oral health of the patient.

Sedation Options for Patients

Sedation techniques

There are different types of sedation techniques that can bring about different levels of relaxation for the patient. The choice of a particular method depends on the patient’s level of fear and his/her health.

Mild Sedation

Nitrous oxide commonly known as laughing gas is widely used as a mild sedative. When a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is inhaled by a person, it creates a euphoric effect letting the patient relax. The patient is completely conscious and can respond to verbal commands. The gas is supplied through a mask to the patient. The dental team can vary the level of relaxation by increasing or decreasing the concentration of nitrous oxide in the mixture. The patient can recover quickly after the procedure is complete.

Moderate Sedation

Moderate sedation is recommended when patients express higher level of fear and require an external agent to reduce anxiety. Over-the-counter sedation and IV sedation are two methods that can bring about higher level of relaxation. Patients are conscious during treatment and can respond to verbal commands. Patients may feel more relaxed during treatment and the procedure may seem to have completed in a short span. Our dentist may recommend the patient to be escorted to our practice and back home by a care-taker. It is advisable not to operate machinery or drive automobiles after treatment.

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