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Visiting a dental office may not be the most pleasant experience to all. To some people the thought of a dental instrument repairing their tooth sounds scary, while to some others the thought of an injection may bring discomfort. Whatever the causes for fear are, dental phobia is considered to be one of the major obstacles that demotivate people from visiting a dental practice. When a dental infection or any other dental problem is not taken care of in the right time, the condition becomes worse and leads to more serious consequences. Sedation dentistry methods have been in use to help patients receive treatment in the most comfortable state. Sedation techniques can make the patient feel relaxed while the dentist and the team can concentrate on the treatment. If you or any of your family members have postponed dental visit due to the fear of dental treatment, speak to our dentist at the earliest since you may be at higher risk of dental problems. Our sedation methods in Victoria, BC are safe and effective in making patients feel relaxed. Call us and visit our office to know more.

Sedation dentistry – Is it a need?

Not everyone requires sedation dentistry. It is recommended only when patients complain of fear, discomfort or gag reflex. Our dentist listens to patients concerns and lets them know if sedation dentistry is actually necessary. Different patients express different levels of fears towards different dental procedures. The choice of a sedation method depends on the level of fear/discomfort. Patients must let the dentist know about their medical history before the treatment starts. Together the patient and the dental team can work towards enhancing the oral health of the patient.

Sedation techniques

There are different types of sedation techniques that can bring about different levels of relaxation in patient. The choice of a particular method depends on the patient’s level of fear and his/her health.

Mild sedation

Nitrous oxide commonly known as laughing gas is widely used as a mild sedative. When a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is inhaled by a person, it creates a euphoric effect letting the patient relax. The patient is completely conscious and can respond to verbal commands. The gas is supplied through a mask to the patient. The dental team can vary the level of relaxation by increasing or decreasing the concentration of nitrous oxide in the mixture. The patient can recover quickly after the procedure is complete.

Moderate sedation

Moderate sedation is recommended when patients express higher level of fear and require an external agent to reduce anxiety. Over-the-counter sedation and IV sedation are two methods that can bring about higher level of relaxation. Patients are conscious during treatment and can respond to verbal commands. Patients may feel more relaxed during treatment and the procedure may seem to have completed in a short span. Our dentist may recommend the patient to be escorted to our practice and back home by a care-taker. It is advisable not to operate machinery or drive automobiles after treatment.

Deep sedation

Deep sedation is recommended for those patients who are very anxious about dental treatment and do not want to remember any part of the dental procedure. IV sedation and oral sedation methods can put a patient in a state where he/she is completely relaxed but still conscious. The patient may be able to respond to verbal commands. He/she may not remember anything that happened during treatment. Vital factors like blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration of the patient are continuously monitored when he/she is under moderate and deep sedation. A care-taker must drive the patient to our office and back home after the treatment. It is important to follow instructions of our dentist to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective.

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