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A healthy smile is a reflection of your confidence, youth and good health. Good oral care is absolutely essential to protect your teeth, gums and the oral cavity from all forms of dental problems. Good oral care includes healthy oral hygiene practices at home and a healthy diet which play an important role in your oral health. Did you know it is important to visit a dentist at least once in 6 months to stay away from all forms of dental problems? Yes! Routine dental check-up can play a key role in preventing dental problems in the first place and help you lead a healthier life. General dental care procedures and preventive steps that are taken during routine dental visit to our Victoria office can protect you and all your family members from dental problems. If you are planning to get your decayed tooth treated or want to get professional dental cleaning, call our office to make an appointment. Our dental team takes complete care of your oral health.

Why is it better to prevent dental problems?

There are millions of bacteria living in our oral cavity. While some of them are good for our health, others are capable of feeding on food remains and produce harmful acids that can destroy soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. There is a continuous battle going on between saliva and the bacteria that cause harm to our oral cavity. When oral hygiene is neglected the bacteria can take control and lead to decay or gum disease. Periodic dental visits can help dentists detect infection or any other dental problem in the first place and take steps to intervene early and avoid the problem. If not prevented, the infection can spread and lead to pain and loss of valuable natural tissues.

General dentistry and hygiene procedures at our office

General dental care involves thorough examination of oral health, preventive dentistry and restoration of damaged/decayed tooth to enhance biting and chewing functions. Different dental instruments and technological equipment may be used by a dental team to identify dental problems. If there is a sign of decay, the infected portion of the tooth is removed and restored using appropriate dental materials. Dental sealants, fillings, crowns and other forms of restorations are used by dentists to protect and improve functionality of teeth. Our dentist explains why each step is taken during the treatment. This gives patients higher confidence about the treatment and the status of their teeth and gums.

Brushing twice a day and flossing once can remove food particles and bacteria from your mouth. But there are some areas of the mouth which are hard to reach through brushing and flossing. Bacteria can easily dwell in such parts of the mouth and increase the risk of infection. Professional dental cleaning is necessary to clear tarter, a hardened form of plaque, from such parts of the oral cavity. The dental hygiene procedures offered by our team of hygienists at our Vitoria office can reduce the risk of dental infection in you and improve your oral health. Our team guides patients about the proper ways to brush and floss. Maintaining oral hygiene and paying routine visit to our dental practice can protect you from all forms of dental problems.

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