Dental Crowns

If your teeth are decayed and damaged, dental crowns may be the perfect cosmetic solution for you. Crowns restore teeth back to their original shape. The decayed tooth is encased in the dental crowns, after the necessary cleaning and prep work is completed. Dental crowns serve as safeguards to prevent further decay of your tooth while returning its functionality and look. They appear natural as they are tooth colored and often cannot be told apart from your actual teeth.

Dental crowns can:

  • Strengthen cracked or weakened teeth.
  • Cover damaged tooth.
  • Correct teeth misalignment.
  • Restore worn down teeth.
  • Correct gaps between the teeth.
  • Correct stained or discolored teeth.
  • To restore the looks of the natural teeth.

If you want to know if dental crowns are right for you, consult Dr. Chris Souliotis at Smile Esthetics located in Victoria, BC.

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