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The advancement in dental technology gives our staff a variety of treatments and procedures to offer to you. In Dr. Souliotis 23 years of dental work, he’s delivered a variety of treatments such as dental implants, crowns, veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, to complete smile makeovers.

Cosmetic dentistry can change the way you look, feel and improve your overall confidence. The advanced procedures in this area of dentistry can correct misaligned teeth, alter tooth size, correct damaged teeth and much more. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Victoria, BC is teeth whitening because of its power to change the appearance of your teeth in a single visit.

Popular cosmetic dental procedures performed:

Visit our dental practice, located in the beautiful Uptown Centre, Victoria BC and discuss with Dr. Chris Souliotis about what treatment may be perfect for you. He will candidly explain to you the pros and cons of each and every treatment, and the products used in our dental clinic. Whether it is an in-office 1-hour teeth whitening procedure, or the full Smile makeover, Smile Esthetics is the perfect dental office for your needs.

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